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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: a late night house fire be three people dead. the fire was too hot for police to make a rescue. ben: murder charges in the case of a brooklyn woman three decades ago. juliet: one of the hottest tickets in town, can't believe i'm saying that about the pope's appearance. ben: people are freaking out about this visibly.
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federal employees to stay home. juliet: this pope is incredibly popular, beloved by many and coming to central park. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. it is wednesday september second, 4:31. ben: mike woods is here, we were just discussing the loss of daylight. >> days are getting shorter. even those of us -- definitely on the downside. it is meteorological fall which started 90. we have a heat wave, a couple more days where we may hit 90, close to it. at newark, 90 in allentown, a
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'86 was your high-temperature, bridgeport, 88 in poughkeepsie, where are we not? similar to yesterday, 74 newark, 68 in belmar, 61 in monticello, looks pretty good with satellite radar, a "good day" with lots of sunshine, high aperture in control, he and humidity in the tristate region, a the willmore so overs annex couple days, high temperature pumping up a bit. looks like another hot one coming to you as well. here is a forecast for the next five days, 91 today, looks like a shower chance coming at you as we head into tomorrow evening, tomorrow night. let's get over to ines rosales. >> construction going on for the staten island expressway, delays
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approaching victory boulevard, one lane closed, to the west shore, let's look at your commute on the tappan zee bridge, westchester bound on the thruway, by 14 and the palisades, there have been closures, at this is all south going on here, in the 70s moving good, they have a main roadway shed down as you approach 71st street you go through that service road exit and then get around to get around it. juliet: terrible news, three people are dead, one in critical condition after a fire swept through a home on the jersey shore. ben: firefighters from long branch and surrounding communities responded, the fire was too hot for a rescue. the prosecutor's office is investigating, no word what started the fire.
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juliet: parents at one new jersey take care send their children for fund and some got into fights. ben: those skirmishes were instigated by two employees. kerry drew has this story. >> the most appalling reprehensible thing i ever heard. >> reporter: parents and grandparents speaking out about what they care workers are accused of doing at late bridge academy day care. >> they should probably get some time. >> union county prosecutor says erica kenny and they forced children between 4 and 6 to fight on the playground. authorities that one of the day care workers recorded the fight and shared it on snap chat. the prosecutor's office has the video showing a dozen kids shoving each other to the ground and trying to hit one another. in the video authorities say one of the workers use the phrase fight club. >> i was raging mad.
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>> since there was told the fighting happened only once on august 13th and that his son was not involved. >> it is an isolated case, a 1-off event, was not interacting with the persons involved. >> reporter: this mother did not want to show her face on camera but says day care downplayed the incident. >> i am shocked and disgusted because it wasn't like it is today, how we are learning of it today. >> reporter: light bridge academy officials defend the program saying this incident is not reflected 18 year history. >> like bridge academy supports the prosecutor's office and the actions they have taken against these two former employees. we are thankful none of the children have been hurt in this incident. juliet: we will update you on that story today. the prisoner who escaped from the nypd is back in custody and she has been arranged. 23-year-old tiffany newman was caught yesterday morning.
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police said she managed to slip out of her hand cuffs and walk out of the new york hospital, new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital. this happened on sunday. she had been taken there after claiming she was pregnant after she had been arrested. newman was originally arrested for theft. renewed charges now include grand larceny. the officer who was supposed to be watching her has been suspended. she was the fourth person to escape nypd custody in the last few months. ben: one of earthlink's legendary stars, jimmy "superfly" snuka is behind bars charged with murder. his girlfriend nancy argentino of brooklyn was found severely injured in the pennsylvania motel room, snuka who is now 72 years old was the sole person of dentistry years but nothing happened until 2013 when an
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newspaper raised questions about the case. juliet: pope francis's visit to the united states. ben: he will fly to chile and new york. and a trip through central park and a special chair. robert moses has more. >> reporter: never has a single chair been so heralded but this is no ordinary share. it is the one on which pope francis will sit for his papal mass on september 25th. this morning timothy cardinal dolan will unveil it for the world to see at the world's most famous arena. the chair which carpenters built in westchester is simple, unadorned and tumble like the holy father himself. pope francis has sought to make a catholic church more inclusive and welcoming during his papacy and said that end the vatican announced from december of this year until november of next, referred to as a whole year of receipt priests will have the
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power to forgive what the church calls the, quote, sin of all abortions. the vatican is not changing its opposition to abortion but this is a significant step considering that before the announcement only bishops could grant forgiveness for abortion. >> this pope is recognizing that abortion for most women is a terrible decision and he is trying to reconcile them with the church as quickly as possible and to invite them to come back in. >> reporter: the pope's motorcade will ride through central park before the mass at the garden. thousands will line the route to see the pope face-to-face. the city announced free tickets are required for that, you can apply for those tickets online or by calling 311 starting tomorrow through monday. robert moses, "good day new york". ben: he needed to get even to
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that will requite the require a lot of security. juliet: a little one direction action going on. still ahead on "good day early call," get ready for a hazy, hot and humid day. the forecast coming up. ben: new criteria for the next
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ben: let's get you out the door. >> meteorologist: once again one of our weather challenges, air quality alert going into effect for a good part of the tristate mainly through new jersey with sussex and warren county and along coastal sections of connecticut you have the air quality alert from 11:00 this morning and 11:00 this evening, high levels of those and make it difficult, if you have freezing issues like emphysema or asthma, or the very young or elderly take it easy in the peak of the heat when ozone levels are high. we have 75 degrees, clear skies, dewpoint sitting at 34 degrees, 30 sticky around the tristate region, not much has changed, pretty clear sky in the tristate, fairly quiet day, high pressure in control but
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directing a lot of moisture. and showered chances, doesn't look like much is happening, as we go into the day, nice and dry all the way through this evening. back door cold front. and popping up toward thursday evening into friday morning, we could see showers dropping, eat today it should be sunny and hot again, high temperature 91, will be humid outside the dot today and tomorrow, high of 92. here's a shower chance coming through, backed or cold front swinging into the area but that dropped temperatures down, highs at 82 friday with partly cloudy skies, 82 saturday. weather apps at the apple itunes store, google play
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available for you if you sign up, just serge weather ended is free.arch weather ended is free. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: and exit 66 accident in local lanes closing a lane. long island fine, nassau county no problems, let's check the lie in queens, go to the grand central parkway, coast is clear both ways eastbound and westbound. in the city the george washington bridge construction wrapped up not causing any problems, upper level doing fine, no issues for the lincoln or holland tunnel. if you are taking trains everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. ben: carly fiorina will likely be part of the next republican presidential debate after cnn tweaked its rules. she and her supporters said the original criteria would have
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kept her out. that would have included polls going back to june i believe. new rules focus on polls taken after the fox news debate the first week in august. she is widely praised for her performance that night in the so-called happy hour debate, she saw a big boost in the polls but to get to the main stage for the next debate she would have had to knock out the current person occupying that can spot which is chris christie. cnn said they are open possibly to including more than ten individuals. that debate coming up sept. sixteenth. juliet: people will get twenty-second of talk time except for donald trump who will probably get an hour. live in studio to talk about this, the hearst -- 770 wabc, behavior self because your son
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>> if you want to drop down -- juliet: we will talk about it a little bit. >> mr. y s. ben: the of the guys we saw on august 6th in cleveland and. >> i was up mayport guy, carly fiorina doesn't matter to me. i am concerned about chris christie. does this mean the whale comes to short? in won't swim with the other facies? running? i don't understand it. he is out of new jersey have the time. he is just in effect running for the presidency of the united
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would have had more of the spotlight. >> he sent jimmy fallon show he is going to go nuclear fee doesn't get enough attention or questions. >> will be implode? pepper sandwich is at the same time. >> and the late donald trump. >> give it up, your bonds have been degraded. eight times it has been downgraded. time to go back to seaside heights. ben: at stock about pope francis coming to the u.s. everyone is starting to freak out. yesterday was an article in the washington post federal employees being told to stay home, and they won't be able to get groceries, they can't drive
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their cars and now they need a ticket to get in. >> if i want to go to central park between 60th and 72 street because the pope will be in his coatmobile, he is infallible, a real christian, i never believed the nonsense, he will be in his popemobile riding through anti need to take it to get into central park? simon and garfunkel, you didn't need tickets, diana ross you didn't need tickets, who is this pulpit 9 need a ticket? juliet: it is about crowd management and security. >> crowd management and security? juliet: obviously he is a target. >> the president of the united states is a target. ben: he has a bulletproof quotemobile. >> in philadelphia to you take your charter bus, they stop in camden, walk across the bridge
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five miles to see the pope and come back and the car has been carjacked, shooting at charter bus near camden, the number one city of violent crime in america and they part everybody in camden new jersey. juliet: we have a reporter on the story. ben: they are making it so difficult, what if nobody shows up? >> not only that in philadelphia they are closing public schools. this is a secular country. guess what? we don't balun down to the pope. he is not in valuable. i realize the united nations consider the vatican a country. you close your eyes you are through the vatican. this is crazy, this is in sandwich i am a roman catholic raised by nuns who hit me so hard by mother felt vibrations. in central park, i will be there with my son like it was nobody was there. juliet: as we bring anthony up
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there is a homeless problem. >> anthony -- juliet: how are you doing? are you exhausted from being out last night? >> oh yes. juliet: what did you do? >> we went patrolling outside. make sure no one is seeing things or trouble. juliet: will you give a concrete facial if they mess up? >> his mother teaches him to be softer, nicer and gentler than his father. to point of the homeless thing, i can't say bill deblasio hasn't been smoking anything lately because he didn't see any homeless people so maybe he has been sober, getting up at a normal time and looking at the homeless roaming about the streets. juliet: what great human? >> going to be in sixth grade.
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ben: thanks for coming in. get some rest. >> better not spend time on child welfare. ben: get out of here, take your son home. you can find curtis 77 wabc, noon to 3 monday through friday. juliet: he is so sweet right now. the mets get blown out but in the end turns out to be a good night. why is that? ben: i know why and duke will
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>> meteorologist: let's see what is happening as you step out the door. looks like what we had yesterday, 75 degrees, clear skies at central park, looking pretty good across the northeast region in general, 60 degrees in boston, 63 in syracuse, 74 in philly, 78 in d.c. mainly clear skies, pretty much the call for the most part in the northeast, a few more clouds in the mid-atlantic region, no threat
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looking nice and dry but it will be hot and humid with patchy fog, hot and you did in the middle of the day, temperatures 85, 90 is your high, 89 for the ride home, tomorrow 92, that is the worst of it, right back down to 82 for i, friday and saturday this week and looking pretty good for the holiday. juliet: let's bring in duke for look at sports. duke: crunch time in baseball. ben: mets are getting hot at the right time. duke: let's pick things up top of the fifth, yanks trailing, two men on with steven through, picking deep, that is the play, two runs getting to the wall and the yanks lead 2-1 and in the top of the eighth brett garner one of the most underrated players in baseball today
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makes, deep, that will get around the bull and right solo home run yanks up 3-1 and that is your final score. days won last night game and half. second round of the u.s. open starts today with both number-1 teams flying, serena williams will face kiki burton. novak djokovic will face andrei malware. one of the most anticipated first-round matchups, murray, 18 aces, and 11, 14 grade points, putting together at 7-5-673-4-6-6-1 win last night, murray will play a adrian.
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french open then murinca with a 7-576-4-7-6 win. jamie low actually had a funny press conference yesterday, cruising low, hits wine, match point into the net. winning 6-2-6-love. she had her picture taken last night. nick and phillies trailing 6-2, 6-4 after 27th of the year, 6-4 but in the top of the fifth, it has been that nightmare. good guy coming off of tommy john surgery, walked two guys, throws it away, 7-4, the phillies win 14-8, washington lost again last night, five game
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